Monthly Archives: April 2014

2014/15 limits for ISAs

Allowances for Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) have continued to rise for the current tax year, providing a welcome additional incentive for UK savers. At present during the 2014/15 tax year, investors can save up to £15,000 in an ISA. From 1 July 2014, and following reforms to the ISA system that were announced in the… Read more »

Choosing a suitable Cash ISA

Cash Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are among the most straightforward investment products on the market. Cash ISAs are designed to appeal to investors who want to take less risk, but also want their cash savings to work as hard as possible in a tax-efficient way. At present, the upper limit for a cash ISA investment… Read more »

Happy Clients

I am pleased that the defensive approach adopted by Austyn James has helped me to preserve my assets, whilst protecting me from losses that would have occurred had I not altered my strategy. Peter Gunn