Monthly Archives: May 2016

Your Choices at Retirement

When you reach retirement age, you have important choices to make. Reforms introduced from April 2015 drastically increased the amount of freedom and choice available for pension savers. Individuals can now choose how and when they access their pension pot, and can tailor their approach to their personal circumstances.         An annuity… Read more »

Start Early!

Pension planning used to be relatively simple. You worked for a company for most of your life; you made contributions to your pension; they made contributions. Finally, at retirement, you received a pension directly related to your final salary, guaranteed. This now seems like a golden age. Only a tiny proportion of private companies now… Read more »

2016: Worst Year For UK Dividend Growth Since 2010?

UK equities performed relatively strongly during April compared with many other major markets around the world. In general, larger UK companies outperformed their medium-sized and smaller peers, and the FTSE 100 Index hit its highest level since December 2015 during the month. Share prices were boosted by signs of recovery in the mining sector, a… Read more »