Our strategy is to provide the very best local service and financial guidance to retirees and entrepreneurs.

Austyn James provides bespoke independent financial guidance. We are experts in cautious wealth management and retirement transition.

  • We are able to offer the very best facilities in which to manage money safely and cost effectively
  • We pass on the benefit of large fund manager discounts to our clients to reduce costs and improve performance.
  • We have alliances with other professional firms to provide economies of scale and to make suitable introductions when required.
  • We are a local company with a local brand but with the capabilities of a national organisation.
  • Our Purpose

    “To help retires and successful business people understand that they take too much risk and to help them realign and protect their downside.”

    1. The ‘Financial Industry’ tells everyone to stay in the market in a downturn, when the professional money has already ‘left the building.’

    The conventional wisdom of blindly staying in the market does not take into account your individual time horizon or the fact that the things that have failed are not necessarily the things that will do well moving forward.

    2. Your ‘Personal Time Frame’ and your exit strategy are more important than stock selection.

    You need to take a step back and see the bigger picture in order to mover three steps forward.

    3. We know that clients who move from risk to safety are much happier and confident about their future.

    Feeling trapped in underperforming assets just serves the industry and does not serve you or your peace of mind.

    4. People are at their wealthiest at retirement and so your whole life’s work is at risk.

    A profit is not a profit until it is taken. Realignment is a vital part of our work.

    5. The categorisation of your attitude to risk is wrong.

    The ‘Financial Industry’ likes to put you in a box. In reality your attitude to risk will change on a regular basis; dependent on your employment, your earnings and the wider economy.

    6. Only a ‘Relationship Based Approach’ can solve these issues.

    We know our clients because we take the time to build long term relationships. This process ensures continuity and greater confidence in reaching the desired outcome.

    The value of your investment can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.